Financial Donations

Financial donations are always needed to support our operating expenses associated with running a store and warehouse facility. All donations are tax deductible and receipts are provided. Click here to see who else is supporting us!


How can I donate to Companies to Classrooms?

You can submit a donation through our online system at any time.

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How do we use your contributions?

  • Financial contributions are used for warehouse and operational costs.
  • Supply donations are given to students in need through partnerships with schools. Surplus donations are offered to teachers at a significant discount.

Our warehouse and teacher supply store is staffed by volunteers.


Individual contributions

Your contribution matters! Here’s how your financial donation benefits schools and students:

  • $25 = backpack of supplies for one child
  • $50 = backpack of supplies for two children
  • $100 = binders, pens and paper for an entire classrooms
  • $500 = tables and chairs for a school computer lab


Become a sponsor

If you’re making a financial donation, you may also consider becoming a monthly sponsor. Monthly sponsorships are $7500 and cover our rent, utilities and other operating expenses for one month.

With your contribution, your organization will receive:

  • Listing as the Sponsor of the Month (for the designated month) on all donation lists, in Companies to Classrooms publications, and on this website.
  • In-store recognition as sponsor of the month—company can provide banners etc. to display in our store.
  • Active role within the store during your designated month. Employees can volunteer to meet and help teachers during shopping hours.
  • Provide special giveaway promotional items or literature to be distributed at check-out to teachers.


Highlighted sponsor:

Thank you to Otto Bremer Foundation who provided a $4,100 grant in March 2012 to support our Strategic Planning process. The Board and many volunteers have worked hard on this important task. View our Strategic Plan Summary here.

Monthly sponsors


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Major donors


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